About the manufacturer

Pyrexar Medical was formed to take on the fight against cancer and purchased the Hyperthermia product line from BSD Medical in April 2015. Pyrexar’s plan is to support the existing BSD-500 and BSD-2000 customers, continue to make product improvements, support the growth of Thermal Oncology and spread the word about this amazing cancer therapy.

Since its inception, the BSD brand has been highly appreciated by therapists and researchers, and the company itself has invested heavily in cooperation with the scientific community, therefore most of the most important clinical trials on oncological hyperthermia using the radio wave method have been and are carried out using BSD-500 devices and BSD-2000.

Currently, there are five BSD-500 devices in use in Poland (NIO-NIB Warsaw, NIO-NIB Krakow, NIO-NIB Gliwice, WCO and ŚCO) and one BSD-2000 device (NIO-NIB Warsaw).

Pyrexar Medical, as the only one in the world, provides a hyperthermia apparatus designed in a technology that allows non-invasive and very precise, live measurement of deep tissue temperature using magnetic resonance imaging (BSD-2000 MRI).

In August 2020, Pyrexar Medical registered a patent for an applicator intended for hyperthermia treatments on the head in the treatment of, among others, gliomas.

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